Worry-free septic and wastewater management.

DECP Series Panel

Designed for home or light commercial use, the Tulsar Controls DECP Series Panels are an efficient and worry-free way to manage your wastewater system.


Designed for “dosing” your septic system, the timed-release system gradually empties a holding tank into a septic bed, preventing over-saturation of the bed. Featuring a NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure, the DECP series panel can be safely protected with a pad lockable hasp that secures a clear door that allows viewing status, even while the box is closed.

Behind the fully hinged inner door are low voltage (12VDC) controls and IEC rater motor contactors. The controls are based on a smart relay, but dosing control  panels with mechanical timers are also available.

The duplex models boast pump alteration and three or four float control logic (two or three float control logic on the simplex model) that helps ensure the pump doesn’t run dry.

Hand assembled in Canada, the DECP has a visual and audible high water level alarm light, alarm test and silence switches.

DECP Series Panel - Ideal for your home septic system or small business.

Standard Features Include:

  • NEMA-4X polycarbonate enclosure
  • Pad lockable hasp
  • Clear door for viewing status
  • Smart relay based control (mechanical timers available)
  • Low voltage controls (12VDC)
  • IEC rated motor contactor(s)
  • Pump alternation (duplex models only)
  • Three or four float control logic (duplex models)
  • Two or three float control logic (simplex models)
  • Dry contact for remote alarm
  • Pump run indication
  • Pump Hand-Off-Auto switch
  • High level indication
  • Alarm test and silence switches
  • Visual high water alarm light
  • Audible high water alarm
  • Float switch terminal blocks
  • Dry contact terminal blocks
  • Ground lugs

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