Tulsar’s innovative approach to wastewater management protects the environment

| Living in North America we take a lot of things for granted, and clean water is probably the biggest. We turn on the tap, and it comes flowing out ready to use, whether for cleaning, cooking or a refreshing drink. But it takes a lot of work to keep that water clean, ensuring it is free of contaminants and isolated
from water that has already been used — the soapy water from your morning shower, greasy dishwater, runoff from the sprinkler on your lawn and all that goes down the drain when you flush the toilet. Who, what and where does the magic happen?

“We need clean water to survive, being made of 50 to 65% water we can’t do without it,” says George Micevski, President of Tulsar Canada Ltd., a Kitchener, Ont.-based company that manufactures custom engineered control panels to efficiently and effectively manage water and wastewater. “Clean water is the foundation of a productive and prosperous community. Clean water is at the heart of everything that we do.”

Clean water is also the focus of the annual Water Environment Federations Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference. To be held near the end of September in New Orleans, the meeting and trade show commonly known as WEFTEC is North America’s largest gathering of water quality professionals from around the world. Besides offering water quality education and training, WEFTEC also boasts a massive show floor displaying the latest technologies and innovations that help keep our water clean.

Managing wastewater is a huge task that is vitally important to preserving clean water sources and protecting human health. Whether it is heavy industrial use, an office complex or the waste from your home, it is important that this dirty water is safely moved to the appropriate treatment plants without the risk of a spill or contamination of clean water sources. The right control panel, measuring water flows to ensure a tank neither overflows nor runs dry and maintaining safe movement of the water, is key to this effort.

Custom engineered and designed panels are hand crafted by Tulsar Canada, ensuring they not only meet their clients’ needs, but also doing its part to protect the environment and preserve clean water under strict codes.

“It’s not always the most glamourous work, but it’s important work,” says Micevski. “From the first phone call placing an order until the panel is delivered to our customer, we have complete oversight of its design and fabrication. There is no compromise when it comes to clean water, so we will not compromise on service and quality. We use our experience and knowledge to provide what our customers need, not always what they want!”

WEFTEC 2016 takes place September 24th to 28th, offering 29 workshops, 130 technical sessions, 16 mobile sessions on the exhibit floor and facility tours. Learn more at wefetc.org.

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