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Tulsar Canada Brings its Business to Brantford

BRANTFORD, Ont. — With ambitious plans to grow its business, Tulsar Canada needs the space to accommodate its vision. The company has found it in Brantford. “Brant is a growing community and we see great opportunity to grow and expand our operations right along with it,” says George Micevski, President [...]

Protection Against the Unpredictable

Control panels and water alarms can protect your home from flood damage | BRANTFORD, Ont. — It’s not a problem homeowners are likely to think about until it’s an actual problem. But when heavy rains cause flooding in your basement or your holding tank overflows and begins backing up raw [...]

Saving Dollars for Cities and Towns

Automated systems help better manage water and wastewater | KITCHENER, Ont. — In this part of the world, it can be too easy to take clean water for granted. But there is more to having water that is safe for drinking, cooking and cleaning than turning on a tap. Getting [...]

Protect Your Property from Flood Damage

Tulsar Canada’s Sentry Z Control alerts homeowners of rising waters | KITCHENER, Ont. — A flooded basement is the kind of problem a typical homeowner doesn’t think about until it’s too late. Never mind the costly repairs — flood waters can cause damage to a finished basement that could cost [...]

Keeping our Water Clean

Tulsar’s innovative approach to wastewater management protects the environment | Living in North America we take a lot of things for granted, and clean water is probably the biggest. We turn on the tap, and it comes flowing out ready to use, whether for cleaning, cooking or a refreshing drink. But it takes [...]

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