The First Phone Call for Complete Pump Control Solutions.

Design. Engineering. Fabrication. We do it all.

When a company needs a water or wastewater control system that has to work every time in hostile conditions, Tulsar Canada is usually their first phone call. Tulsar offers complete control system engineering, design, and fabrication services with unparalleled quality, precision, and craftsmanship.

Our integrated design, engineering, and manufacturing facility in Brantford, Ontario is ready to meet your organization’s unique challenges with a full suite of services designed to get you from the drawing board to installation.

Here are a few of the control system services we offer:

Control System Consulting

Tulsar’s team of certified engineers, programmers, and technicians are experts in the field of water and wastewater control design. We design robust control systems that integrate seamlessly with pump manufacturers of all types, and we work directly with pump manufacturers to ensure compatibility and compliance.

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Engineering & Programming

Tulsar Canada provides comprehensive engineering, design, and programming services for our clients. Our company has built its reputation for quality, top-of-shelf products on a solid foundation of experience, decades in the making.

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Retrofit and Upgrades

If your current control solution just isn’t cutting it (or pumping it), Tulsar Canada can help. We’re not only experts at designing and building custom control solutions from scratch, we also have deep expertise and experience in performing upgrades and retrofits to existing control systems that simply aren’t meeting your needs.

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Training and Support

Modern water and wastewater control systems are growing increasingly complex. That’s why we make our engineers and technologists available to help train our clients, and provide them comprehensive support for their control systems. Tulsar provides both in-house, and on-site training for all our clients.

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