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Case Studies

 Case Studies Driving Industrial Solutions

Tulsar Canada control panels are helping hundreds of industrial and manufacturing companies around the world better manage their operations. 

1/27/2020  |  Read More
 Case Studies Modern Solutions to Age-Old Problems

Many municipalities in Canada have aging infrastructure and underground pipes that carry both rainwater and sewage to a treatment plant. As combined sewers, they start to show their age when new development and growth in older urban areas exceeds their capacity, raising the risk of flooding and backups.

1/27/2020  |  Read More
 Case Studies Unique Solutions or Unique Needs

We recently worked with a municipality that experienced flood risks from a local canal. It was costly to hire staff to manually monitor the water level in the canal, and call in other staff on overtime in the event of a flood.

1/27/2020  |  Read More
 Case Studies Making Tough Problems Simple

Tulsar Canada worked with a customer who was sending divers with special equipment into a well to determine successful insertions and extractions. The well was both deep and wide, making it difficult to confirm correct engagements and disengagements. 

1/27/2020  |  Read More