Sentry Indoor Alarm

Sentry Indoor Alarm

Our improved Sentry alarm system is a modern take on a water level alarm system.

A flooded basement is a nightmare for homeowners. Now, homeowners can be alerted to rising water no matter where they are. Tulsar’s new and improved Sentry alarm sets the standard for water level alarm systems. Featuring a much longer battery life, a more compact design, and an optional upgrade to equip it with Z Control technology, the new Sentry Indoor Alarm is a top-shelf component for your water and wastewater control needs.

Our Z Control Models provide WIFI connectivity, enabling SMS, Text, and Email alerts. The ability to remotely silence and reset the alarm through both App and Web interfaces make this one of the most powerful alarm systems on the market.

The Z Control upgrade is perfect for interfacing with other systems, and includes dry contacts for connection to home security systems.

Features and Benefits

Standard Models

  • NEMA 1 enclosure
  • High water LED and alarm
  • Low battery LED and alarm
  • Silence/Reset button
  • 87 decibel Alarm
  • AC only mode, DC only mode, AC/DC mode
  • Input screw terminals allow for versatility
  • Long battery life (2 AA not included). Up to 2 years in AC/DC mode, up to 1 year in DC
    only mode.
  • Power supply with 6’ cord included
  • 10-4217 comes with reed sensor
  • 10-4218 comes with mechanical float switch
  • 10-4494 does not include a switch

Z Control Models

  • 2nd Input for additional monitoring ability
  • Dry contacts for connection to home security
    system, etc.
  • Z Control Enabled!
  • Wifi equipped
  • Receive free text, email, and push alerts on:
    • Power outage
    • Low battery
    • Input 1 or 2 triggers
    • Loss of contact with Z Control®
  • Remotely Silence, Reset alarm.
  • Free Z Control App and Web interfaces
  • Free Z Control account
  • No monthly cost
  • Simple setup
  • Control connectivity LED
  • 10-4219 comes with reed sensor
  • 10-4220 comes with mechanical float switch
  • 10-4495 does not include a switch