Unique Solutions or Unique Needs

January 27, 2020

Tulsar specializes in custom designed control panels that solve unique problems. We recently worked with a municipality that experienced flood risks from a local canal. It was costly to hire staff to manually monitor the water level in the canal, and call in other staff on overtime in the event of a flood. The municipality called in Tulsar Canada to solve their problem. Our creative solution saved them tens of thousands of dollars.

The Challenge: The municipality was located on an island, and a local canal in the area was at flood risk. We needed to:

  • Minimize the need for staff monitoring, and to call out staff on overtime during flooding events.
  • Optimize the recording of operating data (levels, cycles, run times, faults, etc.).
  • Operate year round, including during cold winter months when temperatures drop significantly below zero.

Our Solution: In an effort to reduce staffing costs without endangering public safety, we created an automated system to regulate the water level in the canal and around the island.

  • The operating interface shows current trending data.
  • A bubbler system protects the stiller tube from freezing
  • Autodialers were installed as a backup if personnel are required to be called out for a major event.

The Benefits: The custom-designed solution met all of the client’s needs. With its internal and mechanized system of checks and balances, the control panel significantly reduced the number of staff called out – and the overtime being paid – during flood events by the municipality.