Driving Industrial Solutions

January 27, 2020

Tulsar Canada control panels are helping hundreds of industrial and manufacturing companies around the world better manage their operations.  One of our manufacturing clients creates complex industrial systems for the fabrication of various products, including rotoform pastillation, a system using a heated drum and conveyor belt to make things like pet food pellets, plastics, dryer pellets, make up, soap — even flash freezing shrimp at a cannery.

The Challenge: The key to the Rotoform Pastillation System is timing and temperature. If it runs too hot, the product will be slurry. Too cold and the system will jam. If the heated drum and conveyor belt are not in perfect synchronization, the process will fail. Working with the client, Tulsar Canada was asked to:

  • Perform a safety audit to assess hazards in the existing system.
  • Design a solution to address shortcomings identified in the audit.
  • Build and implement a control panel that accurately manages the precise timing and temperature of the Rotoformer to ensure its safe and efficient operation.

The Solution: After assessing the system, we designed a Category 3 panel that went an extra step with safety, engaging limit and safety guard switches to ensure the safe operation of the Rotoformer, with two contacts per device that will alert nearby staff if the device has failed.  But the panel also controls the operation of the Rotoformer to protect against failure. It maintains the temperature of the system to within half a degree, and ensures the speed of the belt perfectly matches the speed of the drum.

The Benefit: With a Tulsar Canada control panel, the client’s complex Rotoform Pastillation System is able to run smoothly, efficiently and safely with continual monitoring for possible failures in its operation.