Making Tough Problems Simple

March 9, 2022

Tulsar Canada worked with a customer who was sending divers with special equipment into a well to determine successful insertions and extractions. The well was both deep and wide, making it difficult to confirm correct engagements and disengagements. The well was also located in an area with explosion risk (Class 1 Hazardous Area) requiring significant precautions. Tulsar got the job done right.

The Challenge: The circumference of the well was significant, requiring a system that could reach out over the hole to place the assembly in the center of the bore. There was more:

  • The depth of the wet well was 100 feet (30 m) from the surface.
  • The area was classified as a Class 1 Division 1 (Constant Gas/Vapor Explosive Risk).
  • We needed to build a system with a low amp draw as it would be powered by a portable generator.

Our Solution: Given the size of the well, Tulsar fabricated a retractable boom that could easily get the control assembly to the center of the well. We also put the unit on wheels to make it easier to move around. In addition, we also:

  • Added intrinsically safe relays, allowing the safe operation of the equipment in an area with explosive vapor hazards (Class 1 Division 1).
  • Used special slip rings and limit switches for the low voltage application.

The Benefits: Our customer no longer requires the services of expensive divers with special equipment to go to the bottom of the well to confirm the engagement or disengagement of the assembly. The device we created provides instant confirmation of a successful insertion or extraction.