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Tulsar Canada specializes in creating custom, hand-assembled electronic control panels that protect the environment and help you run an efficient, cost-saving operation. We are dedicated to providing quality and customer service and we stand behind our commitment to precision, skill and quality. Our certified engineers design and craft each panel to perfection at our plant in Brantford, Ontario, ensuring our products seamlessly manage and control your water solution. Our design is driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology, which is why our control panels are market leaders in maintenance and service. We oversee the entire process from the moment an order is placed until it is delivered and installed to guarantee quality—a standard we will not compromise.

Industries We Work With

Our meticulously designed and assembled control panels are engineered to order for dozens of industries which require precision control of water and wastewater. From municipal infrastructure and heavy industry to golf courses, Tulsar is trusted by government and businesses to deliver the reliable and innovative control systems that can operate in virtually any environment, from explosion hazards to all-weather outdoor applications.

“People come to Tulsar because they know they are getting a quality product supported with great service.”

Municipal Infrastructure
(Wastewater & Water Management)

(All Weather Outdoor Applications)

Heavy Industry
(Chemical and Petrochemical)

(Waterparks & Golf Courses)

Customer Stories

Protecting clean water for communities

Our control panels help ensure Canadian communities have clean drinking water. A remote arctic mining community in Nunavut draws all of its potable water from a nearby lake, and the local water treatment plant ensures the water is safe for drinking. When the plant’s control and operating system failed, the health and safety of the entire community was at risk. Tulsar was called in to restore operation and ensure the community had safe drinking water.

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Customer Stories

Water and Wastewater control panels

Making Tough Problems Simple

Tulsar Canada worked with a customer who was sending divers with special equipment into a well to determine successful insertions and extractions. The well was both deep and wide, making it difficult to confirm correct engagements and disengagements. The well was also located in an area with explosion risk (Class 1 Hazardous Area) requiring significant precautions. Our expert team got the job done right.

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